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Let’s summon the courage to acknowledge the impact of these losses

what clients say

I didn’t realize how deeply I had buried my feelings of grief, loss and anger until I began working with Ellen.  She is compassionate, empathetic, caring and really listens as we navigate emotions I have never been able to understand or express. Ellen has a lovely, gentle way of communicating and is a safe harbor as I find my way through deep, unfamiliar waters.
– Pam, Santa Fe, NM

Melinda grief recovery reviewer“It’s important, as we walk our path, to have a safe, authentic environment in which to be heard, where we can explore our emotions. Ellen provides such a space. She is a wise presence and a comforting guide as I continue my journey of self-discovery.”
– Melinda, Santa Fe, NM

review by Rebby“Collaborating with Ellen is a bit like sharing a Petri dish carefully cultured to nourish wholeness through grief work. Tenderness and truthfulness reside in that dish and also in Ellen’s heart. In fact, the questions she poses that help me dive deeper into my grief come from the way she embraces these two qualities.”
– Rebby, Phoenix, AZ

“I first started working with Ellen more than 10 years ago when I began a new business and relationship. I’m now a husband and father and was recently in process again with Ellen for a couple years, exploring my passion and purpose in life. Ellen is insightful and sensitive, and working with her has helped me become more clear about who I am and my unique abilities. She’s also gifted in drawing out feelings and experiences that have been forgotten or never yet recognized.”
– Chris, New York City, NY

Chris grief counseling review“During a difficult transition for me, Ellen provided a space to explore some of the most unexplored parts of myself that emerged from that crisis, helping me to hold such hard feelings with kindness and curiosity. From this came the opportunity to work together to reframe my experiences, holding as central self-compassion and having more agency during that time. I am deeply grateful for Ellen’s skills, her heartfelt and non-judgmental counsel, and the tools she shared with me during that challenging passage in my life.”
– Chris, Santa Fe, NM

Kristina grief recover review“I have known Ellen for a long time, so when I hit a point in my life when I needed support, guidance and direction, she was an obvious person for me to call on. She listens actively and responds compassionately, while also challenging me to feel into things I might not have considered. The processing she asked me to do between sessions gave me time to reflect on what we talked about and then opened up more space for me to move forward to my next step. Experience it, you’re so worth it!”
– Kristina, Birmingham, AL

Jolene grief recovery reviewer“Ellen has helped me more than any counseling professional I’ve ever worked with. She has a way of making me feel truly seen and understood. One of the ways this happens is that she’s fully present with me as I relate my story, while also letting me know how her own life experience informs the compassionate, empathic guidance she offers.”
– Jolene, Round O, SC

Dana grief recover review“I’ve never made as much progress with anyone as I have in my growth process with Ellen.  I would recommend her to anyone who is ready to make a change in their life.”
– Dana, Jupiter, FL

Brenda grief recover review“I had lost my way . . . and Ellen brought me back to my truth.  Saying things out loud to her helped me recognize the lies and old stories I was again buying into. I’ll certainly engage with her again when I start to feel my stress increasing and direction getting fuzzy.  I love Ellen and recommend that anyone tap into her wisdom and sensitivity.”
– Brenda, Phoenix, AZ

Michelle grief recovery testimonial” I began the journey with the “Wild Edge of Sorrow” as part of Ellen’s grief group, following a 4-year battle with a succession of deep losses.  I was at a bursting point when we had our first gathering, and my emotional dam burst. After spending months in the company of others who witnessed my grief, my courage has expanded and I no longer feel trapped by the pain of my loss. Thank you, Ellen, for opening the gates to healing, acceptance and support in becoming an apprentice of grief.”
– Michelle, Grove, OK