Counseling, groups and ritual to support your grief journey


Antill, M.A.

Mother, writer, certified death midwife, certified grief educator, Ellen has offered her services as a life coach and counselor since 1997. After working as an independent writer/editor in the healthcare field, she served in non-profit leadership education while completing her masters in sociology of women through Prescott College in 2004.

Ellen collaborates with individuals, couples and small groups in facing loss and sorrow of all kinds. She creates customized rituals to honor grief and can help you ceremonialize past or anticipated loss. Her calling is to provide a safe space for you to bring your grief out of hiding and learn to walk with it.

Counseling Services

Your most courageous step

Learning to walk with your grief will be the most courageous thing you ever do.

My life’s work is to counsel and guide you in your grief journey and also to be your active encourager as you come to terms with loss and sorrow of all kinds.

Embrace grief as well as joy

In order to live as a fully authentic human being, you must learn to embrace the griefs and losses of your life as well as the joys and celebrations.

Grief is not something you “get over”

Grief is not a part of life that you ever entirely heal from. Rather, it’s an essential component of life that you can learn to walk with.

Grief is meant to be witnessed in community

Community can be comprised of one compassionate, trustworthy person or a group of caring others. There are times, of course, to be alone with your grief. And gathering with others who can stand with you and honor your experience will help your immeasurably to reframe your live.

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